Swiss Energy Pets food originated from understanding that dogs and cats do require vitamins and minerals as part of their diet just as people do. Well-balanced and vitaminized pet food serves as an optimal source of necessary nutrient supplementation and Swiss Energy Pets quality ready-to-eat products are the best choice to keep the furry friends healthy and happy. Produced in Switzerland at the factories with long-term histories, formulated by veterinarians and food engineers, Swiss Energy Pets premium food is an excellent nutritional solution!

Swiss Energy Pets food for cats and dogs is made by Global Swiss Group, a supplier of vitamins, minerals and food supplements with expertise in the manufacture and worldwide distribution.


Super premium pet foods are digestible balanced foods offering the nutritional solution that meets the dogs or cats needs at each period of their life and at every physiological stage.

Proteins are composed of different amino acids, the more varied their origin is, the more complete their intake is. In premium foods, the sources of protein are multiple: poultry meat, poultry livers, beef, fish (tuna, salmon). In addition, these foods are usually supplemented with essential amino acids such as methionine, which is not the case for standard quality kibbles. It is, therefore, possible to choose as the main source of protein one type of meat or fish most suitable and most appreciated by dogs or cats

Standard foods often provide only poorly digestible fiber (cellulose) while a premium food will have more varied and better-quality sources of fiber (vegetables). This has an impact on the digestibility of the food as well as on the intestinal transit of a dog or cat. And on its stool!

Fat represents an essential source of energy and contributes to the palatability of the food. In super premium foods, certain fats are selected for their contribution of essential fatty acids. They are also present in quantities adapted to the cat or dog needs.

For example, more fat will be put in a food for sporting dogs that burns a lot of calories and less in a food designed for dogs with a tendency to be overweight. Here you can see the advantages of super premium foods: they are very well adapted to the dog's physiological condition and lifestyle. Standard quality kibbles are often too fatty to increase energy power and improve taste at a lower cost.

The foods are adapted to the needs of dogs or cats. They are not the same but relevant to the pet's size, age, level of activity. They provide the ideal dosage for each case: growth, adult, senior, small or large breed, very active or sedentary, sterilized, overweight, etc.

For example, a "growth" food is rich in calcium because the puppy needs this element to grow and strengthen its skeleton, whereas a "senior" food is, on the contrary, limited in calcium in order to avoid hyper-calcifications.

The quality of the raw materials used for the manufacture of premium food and the control of the manufacturing processes (extrusion which preserves the vitamins, elimination of fats) have the advantage of providing highly digestible food.

This digestibility allows almost complete assimilation of nutrients by the dog or the cat. This limits the risk of diarrhea and various digestion problems, especially for puppies.

One of the direct consequences is a decrease in the stools. They become less frequent and less odorous. They are more molded and firmer. They also degrade more quickly. This obviously has a significant advantage for owners.

The cost per bag is greater for a much higher quality compared to standard kibbles but the quantity of super premium kibbles distributed each day is less compared to standard kibbles. A good diet is the basis of a healthy life and limits the risks of diseases linked to growth, obesity or old age. Many inconveniences considered as minor (frequent diarrhea, hair loss, scratching for no reason) can decrease or even disappear thanks to a diet of premium quality.


As more and more animals are becoming sensitive to certain foods (causing skin and intestinal problems), our recipes are completely free of soy, wheat and other cereal grains containing gluten (spelt, barley, rye, etc.).

We use 100 % raw materials for the health of your furry friend and combine them to produce excellent quality food. Depending on the variety, Swiss Energy Pets food contains rice, potato or sweet potato and high-quality meat, carefully complemented by vegetables, oils and other delicious ingredients.

Out of love and respect for nature and animals, we do not use any genetically modified raw materials.

An optimal cooking process ensures that our pet food is prepared in a way that preserves all its essential ingredients and additives. Any overcooking that can remove natural nutrients is avoided, which therefore guarantees a balanced intake of nutrients.

Most notably, our process breaks down carbohydrate starch so that your animal can optimally transform this starch into energy. If not cooked sufficiently, carbohydrate starch is difficult to digest, which can lead to digestive disorders, increased flatulence and loose stools.

Swiss Energy Pets is a nutritional solution developed by Swiss veterinarians and food engineers. The products are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland by a well-established factory of feed for farm livestock, zoo animals and home pets. The production has more than 30-year history and is certified by associations Swiss Label and Swiss Feed Production Standard.