Swiss Energy Pets for Dogs and Cats

Swiss Energy Pets for Dogs and Cats

Although cats and dogs can peacefully live together under one roof, they need not share the same bowl. Furthermore, even pets of the same species but of different ages, breeds and health statuses should have different diets. These statements are true with Swiss Energy Pets offering a broad variety of pet feedstuff to satisfy the nutritional needs of domestic animals whether they are feline or canine, meat-eating or omnivorous, young or senior, neutered or intact.

Swiss Energy Pets complete food ensures optimal protein, fiber and fat intakes, ideal dosages of elements and nutrients, and optimal digestibility. Cat rations are rich in protein content to mirror a meat-based diet with the appropriate nutritional constituents. Dog menu is based on balanced recipes with the inclusion of all vital ingredients required for omnivorous tail-waggers.

To point out a broader assortment, for elderly house animals of both types, there is a specific low-fat and fewer-calories diet. Kittens and puppies, in their turn, have contrasting rations of energy-replenishing kibbles. Dogs with easily affected digestive systems may continuously subsist on particular sensitive feed. Plus, spayed and neutered cats are provided with a precise blend of essential nutrients to keep their weight stable.

Swiss Energy Pets offers a variety of food titles to meet the gastronomic needs of all-type cats and dogs!

Date: 2021-06-07