Luxury Clothing & Accessories for Pets

Luxury Clothing & Accessories for Pets

Swiss Energy Pets only wants the best for your furry companions, that's why we expand our offers with a new product range of warm and cozy streetwear and essential accessories. They feature stylish Italian design combined with practical functionality, top quality durable materials, and EU-tailoring with great attention to detail. Our luxury pet jackets and harnesses are easy and fast to put on and take off, and soft beds let your pet snuggle comfortably as at home as during travel.

Comfort, Quality and Fashion are the three rules Swiss Energy Pets abide by while creating pet outfits. We use only those materials that meet our high-quality standards and not in any way are harmful to pets. All the models were tested by different types of dogs to make sure that every piece from the collection fits the size and body shape of our four-legged users. All the production steps are strictly controlled at our corporate group's own factory in Europe. Fabrics, as well as the accessories for clothes, are purchased exclusively from European producers.

Finally, we are proud to say that the Swiss Energy Pets collection was inspired and created by a young and very famous in the fashion world Italian designer Simone Galofero with the help of his faithful Chihuahua friend. The collection was designed to fit any season and to conform to the latest fashion trends.

Dress your pet in our clothes to always be in style!

Date: 2022-05-23